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(Nathalie Ferreres)

Artist, Painter, Photographer

I started making art as a teen and started to exhibit various creations in markets, expositions and happenings in 1992, first in the South of France, then in Lyon where I started to experiment with different creators and mediums. My work as since been displayed in western Europe, and even America.

Transcending mediums, techniques and themes, my art isn't just another a testimony that we're only a part of our planet's ecosystem, a plea to look at Nature's beauty, a cry urging to reclaim one's childlike curiosity and agency on the present moment hyperconnected societies are stealing. It's an open invitation to rethink the world we live in, and challenge the ideas we have about nature, our influence and perception of it, technology, daily items, routines, and my artistic process itself.

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wounded earth.jpg

From Earth to Space  


Exploration - Climate change - Space - Nature


A journey through our endangered earth and beyond...

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The pink boat.jpg

Boats at sea !


Exploration - Climate change - Seaside



The calm of harbours and the seatown life...

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