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"Souvenir", an introduction poem by Barbara Ferreres to an upcoming painting series!

Okaasan means mother in Japanese - and I didn't choose that name in vain, but because my daughters loved to use that word to speak about me and I learnt to love it, too. Barbara Ferreres, the youngest of my twins, is also working on poetry and photography on her own blog Tombelapluie (in French and English). Here's a small insight into the upcoming "Souvenir" painting series with "tapes".

Souvenir, an extract, Barbara Ferreres

She noticed the graphite scratching, The ink flowing; Second scretched, As she lurked

To that guttural, perishable, yet immortal, Moment of being.

Barbara Ferreres, all rights reserved.

Tapes, Okaasan, all rights reserved.


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